My New Orleans Picks, because you ask

I will try to update this as I discover new places or just think of places I forgot

French Quarter Cheap But Good Eats

  • Johnny’s Po Boys 511 St Louis – Even the locals love this place. Great food, great value and unchanged atmosphere. Please note cash only and no booze here. Chicken and biscuit breakfast is cheap and filling. Po Boys are great and 2 can even share.
  • Verdi Mart Deli 1201 Royal Street – its a deli, a convenience store and an icon. This is not a restaurant so you will order a poboy and/or sides and eat them somewhere else.  While there you can pick up essentials that you forgot to pack and Continue reading My New Orleans Picks, because you ask

Sometimes I think, how do people go on?

Today is the 10th anniversary of 9|11 and we reflect on those lost and our own memories. Today also the first day of NFL Sunday, I suppose a sign that we will not be defeated or changed at our core. Families will go to religious services of their choice, friends will tailgate, people will BBQ, some will brunch, many will fight fires and help those effected – no matter what you choose to do today, you will do it in a free and grateful nation.